Map Matching API Track your fleet and vehicles’ movements

Map your vehicle’s exact position using the latest matching technology.

Increase Transparency

Help dispatchers and fleet managers identify inefficiencies, recalculate routes, and calculate tolls with GPS locations and tracking data.

Increase Efficiency

Get accurate calculation results instantly! Process hundreds of matching requests simultaneously.

Match single positions on the road network

GPS points matched to the road network at regular intervals ensure you always know where your vehicles are and where they’re heading. Get location information like street names or numbers, zip codes, cities, and countries displayed on digital maps.

Match route history on the road network

Track vehicle history including drive time, direction, and speed. Road network matching gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor driving behavior and performance
  • Receive notifications about arrival times
  • Compare planned and actual routes driven
  • Verify bills from subcontractors and toll invoices
  • Send out emergency and breakdown calls, or report unauthorized usage
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