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Drivers' Working Hours - Create a Sequence

This part of the code sample explains how the request has to look like to create a simple sequence, where the driver is limited by working hour regulations.

In this example the depot location and the vehicle are fixed:

  • Depot shown with a red icon in the map.
  • Vehicle with profile EUR_VAN.
  • Type of the orders are pickup and delivery with pickup always being at the depot.
  • The drivers availability is from 8:00 until 20:00.


In addition to the list of customer locations, and the drivers availability you can specify the following restrictions for the driver:

  • Preset drivers' working hour regulation that is applicable to the driver.
  • Custom Break rule for driver.
  • Maximum driving time and travel time that the driver is allowed to have.

For more information about break rules refer to the Driver's Working Hours concept.