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Low Emission Zones

Low emission zones are zones where the most polluting vehicles are forbidden from driving. Zones are intended to improve air quality and so public health.

Criteria to enter in a zone are different according to the countries:

  • Some countries use an emission sticker. Only vehicles with an authorized emission sticker can enter the area.
  • Some countries use the emission standard. In this case, no emission sticker is required for the vehicle. The access criteria for driving in low emission zones depend on the category, fuel and euro norm of the vehicle.
  • Some countries combine the two different systems. In this case, some zones of the country use emission stickers while others are based on the emission standard criteria.

API endpoint

You need the following API endpoint to request low emission zones:


For a single tile showing Paris, France specify the map tile path with zoomLevel, x and y as shown below. 

You can test this by entering the URL into your web browser. Be sure to replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual API key.

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The call result is a single map tile in MapBox Vector Tiles format.

Tile content

The requested vector tile contains data which is listed in this table. The individual columns are explained below.

Name of contentTypeDescription
geometrySRID 3857  
zone_nametextName of the zone, contains the name of the city or region in that the emission zone is valid.
time_dependentbooleanIf true the emission zone is time-dependent. That means that the restrictions are only applied during a certain time period. Some emission zones are permanent and time_dependent is false. 
iso_country_codecharContains a three-character country code. Examples are deu for Germany or fra for France. You can find more information about this code here: 


Low emission zones are shown as half transparent green polygon. The layer name is TSP_Low_Emission_Zones.

Low Emission Zones in Paris



How to implement

The tutorial on how to integrate overlays into a Vector Map also addresses low emission zones.