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Guide - Geocoding API


The PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API allows you to create geolocation-based applications that allow users to forward/reverse geocode addresses with high precision, search and display geographic locations, such as shops and prominent Points of Interest (POIs) in various categories, and perform vehicle routing and optimization tasks. It is built on an extensive database with 360 million points in over 100 countries.

The PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API offers:

  • Forward Geocoding: Accurately convert postal addresses to GPS coordinates. Easily enter addresses using any format. For convenience inexact matches are recognized.

  • Reverse Geocoding: Find landmarks and addresses based on their GPS coordinates, and convert multiple coordinates simultaneously.

  • Nearby POI Search: Search for millions of places around you, including business addresses, stores, and other points of interest. Find out all the information about each, including hours of operation.

  • Area POI Search: Find places in a map view, around a route or in more complex constructs like multiple polygons.