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Toll in Matrix Calculation

For general information about toll data in PTV Developer, its coverage and updates consider the corresponding concept page of the Routing API.

The matrix calculation reduces toll to a single value per relation. As there may be several currencies along the itinerary, their prices will be converted to a single currency. By default this currency is EUR, but it can be specified in the options of the request.


  • Toll price calculation is only supported by asynchronous requests.
  • There is no toll price reported in case the relation could not be routed but instead was estimated. Have a look at the concept on profiles and countries.
  • The traffic modes are not taken into account. Toll will be calculated according to the prices valid at an average Monday at noon, corresponding to traffic mode AVERAGE without a reference time. However, It is possible to specify a different date and time at which to evaluate the toll price by using options[tollTime]. This can be useful for example to evaluate toll forecasts.