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Location Service APIs to solve vehicle routing problems

PTV Developer offers high-performance APIs that enrich your software solution by logistical and geographical functionalities. The APIs can be combined and customized as needed and scale easily. Integrate PTV Developer APIs to boost the efficiency and performance of your logistics and to give your business a competitive edge.

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OptiFlow route optimization algorithms now available as API

NEW and available now – Integrate our superior & high-performance route optimization algorithms directly into your platform and enhance it with cutting-edge technology designed for developers, by developers. The Route Optimization OptiFlow API can be tested for free!  

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Reasons why you should use the PTV Developer APIs

Open API Developer
Open API Standard

Integrate the functionalities into your system environment easily and seamlessly

Modular Structure Developer
Modular Structure

Select and combine the applications you need and add additional ones at any time

Practical Solution
Practical Solutions

Consider real-life constraints, find solutions to everyday problems, and improve communication

PTV Developer APIs - State-of-the-art cloud technology

PTV Developer offers performant state-of-the-art APIs that solve logistical and geographical challenges. We provide an OpenAPI standard, which allows for seamless integration into web-based applications based on modern RESTful APIs. PTV Developer’s reliability is unmatched: We ensure that systems are up and running at least 99.9% of the time.

Depending on your challenges, you can select the APIs you need and adapt them to your individual requirements. When your business grows or your needs change, you can easily add functionalities and scale your solution accordingly. As all data is stored and remains within the European Union, you can rest assured that the use of PTV Developer is absolutely GDPR compliant.

Here's an overview of the APIs we offer:

Geocoding & Places API

Find geolocations, convert street addresses into GPS coordinates, and reverse geocode locations.


Raster Maps API

Visualize data on accurate, interactive, and customizable raster maps.


Vector Maps API

Visualize data on accurate, interactive, and performant 3D vector maps.


Routing API

Plan routes that save time and money for any vehicle, while providing accurate arrival times.


Matrix Routing API

Calculate distances and travel times between multiple locations quickly and accurately.


Map Matching API

Track your fleet and vehicles’ movements to discover deviations right away.


Route Optimization API

Schedule and optimize your fleet routes to ensure the most efficient use of resources.


Sequence Optimization API

Optimize stop order to get the most efficient routes for your vehicles.


Loading Space Optimization API

Optimize cargo loadings by minimizing free volumes and considering unloading sequence.



Use an industry standard distance matrix as a basis for tender management, invoice auditing and credit note procedures.


But don't just listen to us - read why our customers love their PTV Developer APIs

Thanks to PTV’s professional support and comprehensive API documentation, only three months passed between the first contact and the final integration.

Ben Stolze

Your API is phenomenal. It’s dead easy to use, very fast and the results are fantastic. So glad I found your API – made my life so much easier.

Chris Locke

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