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To obtain the distance of a relation, start and destination location must be specified by entering country code, postal code and locality name. Both locations are searched in the database, and the resulting distance which is the distance between the reference locations assigned to start and destination is returned.

Each field must match exactly and must be specified in the local language, but accents and umlauts can be omitted. That means that the city of Nürnberg will also be matched when specifying 'Nurnberg', but it will not be matched by 'Nuremberg' (English name) or 'Nürnber' (incomplete name). Cyrillic and Greek names are transliterated to Latin, for example Kiyv (Kyiv in Ukraine) and Athinai (Athens in Greece). There will be no geocoding of the input.

The locality may contain a city name, a subdistrict name or both separated by a bank chacater. For Karlsruhe-Durlach the input can be 'Karlsruhe', 'Durlach', or 'Karlsruhe Durlach'. With the correct postal code all these inputs will find the proper result.

Input fields can be omitted as long as start and destination both match a unique reference location. This may be the case for small villages which are represented by only one reference location, larger cities usually have several reference locations. As an example, the postal code 76135 matches DE 76135 Karlsruhe uniquely, but 76131 does not. In Germany it may happen that a location is unique in the Europe data but not unique in the Germany data which consists of more reference locations. It is recommended to specify start and destination completely and to use Suggestions to complete incomplete input.

The response contains the matched locations. If not unique, the location representing a city will be preferred, otherwise the alphabetically first subdistrict will be returned.

Unless explicitly specified the region will be determined automatically. When both start and destination are in Germany, the distance will be returned from the more accurate Germany data, otherwise from the Europe data.

Toll distance are available in Germany and Austria only and can be requested only for routes within one single country. To obtain toll distance for international relations, the relation must be separated into several relations, one from the start location to the German or Austrian border, further relations to the other borders of German or Austrian border and the last one to the destination.


Try it in the Road Distances code sample.