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Which Endpoints Are in the Geocoding OSM API and Which One Should I Use?

The Geocoding OSM API Offers the Following Services:

  • Find places matching an address to get their geographic positions,
  • Find places near a geographic position to get their addresses (Places by Position).

Geocoding API vs Geocoding OSM API

  • Different data sources: Geocoding API is based on HERE data while Geocoding OSM API is based on OSM data.
  • Different APIs: The two APIs differ in input and return parameters.
  • Different concepts: OSM API only knows places while Geocoding API distinguishes between locations and places. OSM API returns places records which contain an address and can additionally have a name and category.

Places by Text vs by Address

  • If you search by address, you pass the different fields of the address as separate strings. Use this if your data is available in that form, e.g. from a customer database.
  • If you search by text, all address fields are entered as one single string. Use this if your input is not split into fields.