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Optimisation Premium

Optimisation Premium is a feature that can be used in the start optimization endpoint in addition to the quality field, to boost the quality of results by increasing the computational resources allocated to the request. The higher computational capacity allows for searching in distinct search spaces in a parallel manner. Optimisation Premium uses diverse exclusive neighbourhoods that are only enabled within this mode. These diverse neighbourhoods enable the algorithm to explore a larger search space and accordingly find better solutions. The improvements can be obtained using both quality modes, standard and high.

The bigger the instances are, the more improvement can be gained by using Optimisation Premium. Although every use case is unique and improvements cannot be guaranteed, customers with Premium Optimisation can expect up to 30% fewer unplanned orders, and/or up to 30% smaller fleet size. In cases where all orders are already planned, Optimisation Premium delivers up to 10% cost savings.

Note: To use the feature Optimisation Premium productive the usage must be explicitly included in your individual PTV Developer license agreement. Before implementing Optimisation Premium please contact our local sales departments.