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Places Categories

This parameterless method returns the complete list of place categories available in the currently used data. 


If the request succeeds, the response is a list of place categories. For each category, the following fields are returned:

Output FieldDescription
idA string that uniquely references this category, like "here-lcms:100-1000-0000".
nameA user-friendly short name for the category, like "Restaurant".
descriptionA longer string explaining in more detail what is (and what is not) part of this category.
    "placeCategories": [
            "id": "navteq-lcms:700-7400-0352",
            "name": "Recycling Center",
            "description": "A business that accepts, treats and processes waste material for reuse. "
            "id": "navteq-lcms:700-7200-0259",
            "name": "Human Resources and Recruiting Services",
            "description": "A business that provides advice and services to businesses and other organizations in the fields of human resources and recruiting."


The ID of a category is used to identify the category in the Places by Position API endpoint. The categoryFilter parameter of the Places by Position endpoint expects a comma-separated list of category IDs.

Keep in mind that this endpoint does not support setting a different language or setting country filters.