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Position Matching versus Locations By Position

At first sight, the two endpoints Position Matching of PTV Developer Map Matching API and Locations By Position of PTV Developer Geocoding API seem to be similar or even interchangeable. But there are noteworthy differences between them, which are summarized here. This overview may help in finding the right endpoint for Your usecase.

 Position MatchingLocations By Position

The Position Matching endpoint finds the best matching road segment in the map for a given position and returns the position on this road segment.

  • Therefor all segments within a certain radius around the position are taken into account.
  • For the calculation mode QUALITY the radius is larger than for PERFORMANCE.
  • If no other information is given then the nearest non-blocking segment within this radius is taken as result.
  • If additionally the heading of the position is given, then the difference between the heading and the angle of the road segment is taken into account, too.

The Locations By Position endpoint searches for the best fitting address nearby a given position. The search targets addresses ordered by these location types:

  • At first, exact addresses
  • Secondly, interpolated addresses (approximated by using an address range)
  • Thirdly, addresses with a street name
  • Finally, addresses with a postal code or a city name, only
  • Select calculation mode to affect the quality and performance of the matching.
  • Set a heading i. e. the direction of travel.
  • Select if segment location descriptors should be returned:
    • street name, street number, country
    • city and postal code (where possible i.e. within a city border)
  • Select if additional segment attributes like speed limits should be returned.
  • Select preferred language.

For further details please refer to the API Reference.

  • Select preferred language.

For further details please refer to the API Reference.

Return Values
  • Coordinate of the position on the best matching street segment
  • Segment geometry of the best matching street segment
  • Match distance (distance between input position and matched position) and the angle difference between direction of travel (heading) and segment direction
  • Additional segment results like location descriptors, speed limits, etc.
  • Not included: house number
  • Result address (house number, street Name, subdistrict, district, city, postal code, province, state, country)
  • Reference and road access coordinate of the result address
  • Type of the result address like exact address or street etc.
  • Distance between the input position and the result address
  • Not included: additional segment results
Use Cases
  • On which road am I driving?
  • And what are the properties of this road?
  • Near which house am I?
  • And what is its address?