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Guide - Sequence Optimization API


The PTV Developer Sequence Optimization API allows you to optimize stop order to get the most efficient routes for your vehicles.

After distributing stops to optimal routes with the Route Optimization API, the Sequence Optimization API optimizes the stop order within the routes taking into consideration truck attributes and time restrictions to identify the best route for your transports.

The PTV Developer Sequence Optimization API offers:

  • The solution for the Traveling Salesperson Problem: 
    The Sequence Optimization API can calculate even the most complicated routes. Optimize round trips, open trips, or depot-free trips, with depot-related or AB-orders, pickups and deliveries, time windows or multiple depot locations. 
  • A lightweight API to solve your precise and unique task: 
    Great for when you don't need an extensive software solution, but a specialized tool that quickly, reliably, and easily calculates the best sequence for your hundreds of transports. 
  • Include time restrictions and legal regulations in your planning: 
    Consider internal or legal regulations regarding break and rest times for your drivers, opening hours of depot locations and ramps, or preferred delivery times and factor them into your route planning.