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Traffic Modes

In case of time-dependent matrix, the calculation can take different data into account. This is selected by the options[trafficMode] and the options[startTime]. By default, when none of these parameters are specified, the Matrix Routing API will automatically calculate the routes using an average traffic situation.


Average traffic mode is also used for time-independent matrix calculation.

If options[startTime] is specified, the calculation will take into account the typical traffic situation for that day of week and time of day.

The matrix calculation result will be the same when executing the same request at a different point in time, but it may change after updating data.


Calculates the routes using the typical and the live traffic situation.

If options[startTime] is not specified, 'now' will then be applied.

Use this traffic mode, if the matrix will then be used for the next minutes or very few hours.

As live traffic data changes frequently, the route calculation result may change when executing the same request at a different point in time.


Try it in the Traffic Modes code sample.