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Toll in Routing

Availabity of toll data

Generally, toll data is available for most countries in Europe, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand. The exact occurrences can be viewed in the map below. There toll is highlighted. Pan and zoom the map to the area you are interested in. Depending to the zoom level, toll will fade out.

Keep in mind that even though a road is rendered as toll road, it doesn't mean that your vehicle has to pay toll for it.

How is the toll price determined?

The toll price depends on the vehicle. Within the vehicle object there are many parameters that may influence toll costs. All of them are annotated by the tag "Relevant for toll", for example the totalPermittedWeight or numberOfAxles. Which parameters are used in the actual price calculation depends on the vehicle concept of the toll operator and how this can be mapped to our vehicle parameters. 

Note: Toll prices do not include VAT.


Basic definitions

Toll system

A toll system groups sections according to common properties such as all sections of a certain operator or all sections that use the same tariff system.

Toll section

A toll section represents a part of the route for which toll has to be paid. The length of a section is defined by the operator. Its price is usually captured in the domestic currency and sometimes can vary throughout the day or year. Consider the concept on Traffic Modes for more information. 
Another reason for different prices of the same section can be the payment method, especially when the toll operators offer a subscription. There is a dedicated concept page for Electronic Toll Collection.

Toll event

Toll events show where on the route toll has to be paid. Depending on the length it is reported as event PASS or as a combination of events ENTER and EXIT. Such a range can consist of one or more toll sections. Important: The coordinate of the event does not always imply that a toll booth or toll road sign is present.

Toll data updates

Our toll data is updated frequently without further notice. The attributes tariffVersion and tariffVersionValidFrom of the toll system give more information.

Currency conversion

By default the toll prices are returned in their domestic currencies. The response will be extended with the converted toll prices in the currency of your choice by specifying it in the request. The exchange rates to perform the conversion are updated on a daily basis and the currencies object contains more information about the used exchange rates.

See also the toll concept for the Matrix Routing API.