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Map Information

Most PTV Developer APIs work with map data. In order to find out which countries or regions the map currently covers and which features are available we provide the method getMapInformation in the Data API.

The map covers virtually the whole world and is divided into geographical units which are usually countries. For some countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and India the geographical units are federal states.

For each geographical units several information are available, first of all the English name of the country (and the state), its ISO 3166 code, the continent it belongs to and supported features such as toll. To get a first impression about the available information, explore the Map Data page which also uses the method getMapInformation.



If a geographic unit supports toll, that means that toll data is available and can be calculated for certain vehicles. As we focus on trucks when providing toll data, toll may not be available for other vehicles such as busses, cars or motorbikes. That means that it cannot be guaranteed that toll can be calculated for each and every vehicle subject to toll. In such cases where data is not available for all vehicle types it may happen that the toll price is 0 even though toll has to be paid for the vehicle in question.

On the other hand, if a geographic unit does not support toll, that means that no toll data is available. The toll price will always be 0. It cannot be guaranteed that the lack of toll data means that toll does not have to be paid. It may happen that certain vehicles are still subject to toll.