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PTV Developer showcases are applications aimed at highlighting key features and qualities of the PTV Developer services. Unlike tutorials, showcases usually do not provide code. They mainly serve as marketing tools with a consistent appearance, intended to captivate audiences such as sales representatives by effectively demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of features.


Custom Road Attribute Scenarios

  • View, edit and test your own custom road attributes (e.g. prohibiting roads)
  • API key required as the scenarios are stored within your PTV Developer subscription of your myPTV account!

Custom Road Attribute Scenario for Olympic Games

Map Rendering and Geocoding

Explore our vector map with all of its features and get a feeling for an address search with suggestions

  • Different map styles (HERE and OSM data)
  • Address search with suggestions (HERE data)
  • Localized map in various languages
  • Map overlays like truck restrictions


Allocate emission on a tour

  • Calculate a tour and allocate emissions on each stop

Estimated time of arrival

  • Calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on a previously calculated route and the current position of the vehicle

Reachable areas

  • Calculate the reachable areas computed by the Routing API and the Routing OSM API.

Low-emission zones

  • Calculate a route considering low-emission zones in different European countries.


  • Calculate a route based on OpenStreetMap with the Routing OSM API 
  • Waypoints can be selected either by clicking on the map, or by searching addresses using the Geocoding & Places OSM API
  • The waypoints order can be optimized afterwards to obtain the most efficient route, thanks to the Sequence Optimization API

EV Truck Route Planner

  • Calculate the consumption for a route of an electric vehicle model
  • Use the database for commercial EV trucks and vans
  • Consider the battery capacity, weight, weather and the road gradient