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Guide - Routing API


The PTV Developer Routing API allows you to plan routes that save time and money for any vehicle, while providing accurate arrival times. 

Many requirements and challenges need to be considered when optimizing routes for commercial vehicles: Truck attributes like size, weight and speed profiles, access restrictions in inner-city areas, toll costs, legal provisions like driving times and rest periods as well as time restrictions such as opening hours of ramps and depots are just a few examples. Additionally, the route with the shortest travel time may not be the fastest or most fuel-efficient route. All these factors turn route optimization for trucks into a real challenge.  

The PTV Developer Routing API enables you to identify the most optimal route for your vehicles by quickly and automatically calculating routes from A to B taking into account vehicle-specific restrictions, traffic situations, toll, emissions, driver's working hours, service times and opening intervals. 

The PTV Developer Routing API offers:


  • Truck Routing:
    • Calculate routes specifically for trucks and large commercial vehicles. 
    • Find the optimal, most efficient route in all situations while considering truck attributes like size, weight, and speed profiles. 
    • Avoid access restrictions, tolls, and unpaved roads while complying with driving times and rest periods. 
    • Never miss operating hours or ramp windows again!


  • Traffic Information: 
    • Factor traffic information into your routing.
    • Provide highly accurate ETAs to your users.
    • Enable users to consider historical traffic patterns for any given time and day.
    • Avoid congestion and delays with live updates on traffic and construction zones. 


  • Toll Calculation: 
    • Calculate precise toll costs based on vehicle specifications. 
    • Forecast toll costs for future trips by factoring in future toll cost increases.
    • Determine when toll-free routes are a viable alternative. 


  • Emissions Calculation:  
    • Calculate exact energy usage.
    • Calculate CO2, Methane and Nitrous Oxide emissions based on vehicle attributes and recognized standards like CEN, HBEFA, CO2e, COPERT.