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Relevant Terms

The following terms are important to understand the whole use case.


AppointmentA sequence of tasks, scheduled to be executed respecting a specific time slot.
CategoryA property that enables applying constraints to entities categorized as such.
ConstraintServes to restrict or guide the optimization to meet specified requirements or limitations.
DepotA warehouse where orders to pick up (resp. deliver) can be delivered to (resp. picked up from).
LocationA geographical location with additional properties such as time slots.
OrderA request to transport goods.
RouteA sequence of scheduled tasks, assigned to a vehicle.
Routing profileInformation necessary to calculate driving durations and distances.
StopA scheduled location visit to pick up or deliver goods.
TaskEither the pickup or delivery action of an order.
Time slotA restriction when tasks are allowed to be executed at a certain location.
VehicleA vehicle to transport goods containing vehicle-specific and driver attributes.