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Optimizing with Unloading Sequence

This code sample describes how the engine behaves depending on the unloading sequence of each items. The unloading sequence is defined in the options.

Please note that this feature can be used if only one bin is defined.

The unloading sequence is composed of stops which contains the list and quantity os items to unload. The stops are sorted from the first stop to unload, to the last stop.
It is similar than the result of a Route Optimization.

Be aware that all items (id and number) in the request should be part of the unloading sequence ; and vice-versa. If at least an item is missing, an error is returned.
As the bin is loaded from the last items of the sequence to the first items, if all items cannot be packed into the bin, the last items (i.e. the first items of the unloading sequence) are removed.