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When an optimization needs to schedule the execution of pickup or delivery orders, the delivery (resp. pickup) task needs to be executed at a depot. Therefore, at least one depot needs to be specified when the optimization request contains pickup or delivery orders.

When scheduling a depot task, the optimization process selects the most suitable depot that fits both the order and the vehicle.

A depot is characterized by the following properties.


Each depot has a designated location. The optimization will select the most suitable depot, and therefore the most optimal location to pickup or deliver an order.

Time slots

The location of a depot specifies time slots to execute pickups or deliveries at the location. A depot may impose additional limitations on the selection of these available time slots for tasks scheduled at this depot.


Certain constraints are not only specific to the depot but entail different entities such as vehicles or orders. These constraints are typically expressed based on categories, which are often functional properties of the depot itself. Examples of categories might be whether a depot contains cooled goods, the geographical region a depot is located in or any other essential property associated with the depot.