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Guide - Raster Maps API


The PTV Developer Raster Maps API allows you to display geographical data, satellite images, traffic incidents, traffic patterns and restrictions on a digital map. It is a prerequisite for all geographical and logistical functions and crucial for tasks such as vehicle routing and optimization.  

PTV has lots of experience in the field of digital maps and works closely with leading data and maps providers. We offer highest data quality and level of detail, a large amount of extended content and functionalities, and many options for customization and individual tailoring of map look and feel. For instance, our map data includes highly detailed and accurate truck-specific information like weight limits for bridges, height restrictions for tunnels and access restrictions for trucks. 

The PTV Developer Raster Maps API offers:

  • Raster Map Tiles: Display high-resolution, full color map tiles at various zoom levels, styles, and view options. Enrich your maps by adding content layers, such as truck attributes or live traffic information.
  • Truck-specific mapping: Allow your planners and drivers to spot restrictions quickly and easily. Display truck restrictions, such as height, weight, and environmental zones, as well as tolls on your map.
  • Traffic incidents: Visualize live traffic information on your maps. Automatically update your data as frequently as desired.
  • Traffic flow: Visualize traffic patterns to show usual travel speeds on roads at the requested time and day of the week on the map. 
  • Map Layer Themes: Configure the map display based on your requirements and style. Choose between pre-defined layers or add premium content and data, such as truck-specific driving restrictions, and real-time or forecasted traffic events.