Routing API Plan routes that save time and money for any vehicle, while providing accurate arrival times.
Exact Cost Calculation

Calculate exact freight costs including toll, fuel, personnel and more

Exact Arrival Times

Always know ETAs by using PTV Developer’s sophisticated algorithms and dynamically updated traffic information

Data and Content for any Need

Integrate the data and content you need to solve any problem with ease

Truck routing

Calculate routes specifically for trucks and large commercial vehicles. Find the optimal and most efficient route in all situations while considering truck attributes like size, weight, and speed profiles. Avoid access restrictions, tolls and unpaved roads while complying with driving times and rest periods. Never miss operating hours or ramp windows again!

Traffic Information

Factor traffic information into your routing and provide highly accurate ETAs to your users. Enable users to consider historical traffic patterns for any given day and time as well as live traffic updates and constructions to avoid congestion and delays.

Toll calculation

Calculate precise toll costs based on vehicle specifications. Forecast toll costs for future trips by factoring in future toll cost increases. Determine when toll-free routes are a viable alternative.

Emissions Calculation

Calculate exact energy usage as well as CO2, Methane and Nitrous Oxide emissions based on vehicle attributes and recognized standards like CEN, HBEFA, CO2e, COPERT.

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Store Locator

Map and search nearby stores, places, points of sales, customers and more with PTV Developer

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Emissions Calculation

Accurately calculate your vehicles’ emissions and report them in compliance with local standards

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Distribution Planning

Create an optimized distribution plan with PTV Developer and boost the efficiency of your fleet

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Asset Tracking

Retrieve location data of your devices, assets and vehicles in real-time with PTV Developer

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