Round trip - Create a plan

This part of the code sample explains how the request has to look like to create a simple plan for a round trip containing a vehicle, transports and the related locations.

You can specify the following:

  • Time window for the planning horizon and all locations.
  • Reference profiles for the calculation.
  • Customer locations
    Note: In this code sample a maximum of 10 customer locations are allowed.

All the specifications are automatically inserted into the request body on the right side in the JSON representation.

Time window
Choose a time window for the planning horizon and all locations:
Choose a profile by using the drop-down list:
Depot location
Change the geographical location of the single depot location:
Customer location
Add additional customers by clicking in the map!
Request Body

The Send Request button submits the updated plan. If the request is successful, a response with a unique ID will be generated.

Waiting for response...

Note: The generated unique plan ID is necessary for the following steps.

To optimize the plan in the next step, copy the plan ID from the response into the code example Round trip - Optimize the plan.

Note: To delete the previously created plan, use the code sample Round trip - Delete a plan.

You can alternatively choose one of the following samples in your preferred language:

Request Sample
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