PTV Developer Cloud-based location services and methods to solve vehicle routing problems
Geocoding & Places API

Find locations by converting street addresses into GPS-coordinates and vice versa

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Raster Maps API

Display geographical data and traffic information on highly accurate, interactive and customizable maps

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Routing API

Plan optimal and cost-effective routes for any vehicle and provide users with reliable arrival times

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Map Matching API

Keep an eye on your vehicles, and monitor and track their movements

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Route Optimization API

Schedule optimized routes for a whole fleet, taking into account capacity, time restrictions, traffic conditions and regulations

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Don’t just plan it, optimize it! Are you looking for yet another planning tool or the gold standard of route optimization?

With our Optimization API you can solve the most demanding scheduling problems – within the shortest possible time and taking into account a multitude of restrictions and parameters.

The routes you create for your fleet will be optimized in terms of mileage, capacity and working hours, resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiency and a better customer service.
Easy Integration

Simple integration into your system environment using open standards like OpenAPI.

Modular Structure

Highly flexible modular structure, which enables you to add to your software solution at any time.

High Practical Applicability

Consideration of real-life aspects and constraints. Extending mathematical models by practically relevant elements and attributes.

Global coverage With the use of data from industry leading providers, PTV Developer offers an API portfolio on a global basis.

The services cover more than 240 countries with millions of road kilometers, addresses and points of interest.

Enrich your navigation maps and applications with specific data like live traffic information, historical traffic patterns, truck specific restrictions, detailed toll data and more that fits your individual use case.

Frequent updates Frequent, automatic map updates guarantee up-to-date data and growing coverage for your location aware software products.
This success is based on the trust that 5,000 customers have placed in us for 40 years.
Documentation Find API References, Code Examples and Tutorials to get started with PTV Developer
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Use Cases

Truck Route Planner

Plan and optimize your truck routes, considering all truck-specific restrictions with PTV Developer

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Use Cases

Store Locator

Map and search stores, places, points of sales, customers or anything else nearby with PTV Developer

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Use Cases

Emissions Calculation

Accurately calculate your vehicles’ emissions and report them in compliance with relevant standards

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Use Cases

Distribution Planning

Create an optimized distribution plan with PTV Developer and boost the efficiency of your fleet

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Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Retrieve location data of your devices, assets and vehicles in real-time with PTV Developer

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