Asset Tracking Retrieve location data of your devices, assets and vehicles in real-time with PTV Developer GPS tracking enables you to always locate the position of every asset in your fleet.

Asset tracking applications include the following:
  • Car, bike or e-scooter rental providers who are interested in area control to prevent driving outside agreed upon boundaries
  • Insurance companies who monitoring driving behavior
  • High-security transport cargo safety and theft prevention
  • Agricultural and construction equipment usage monitoring
  • Urban delivery position tracking and ETA
  • Time sensitive deliveries: Monitoring of driving performance
Components used in Asset Tracking
Geocoding & Places API

Find locations by converting street addresses into GPS-coordinates and reverse geocoding

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Raster Maps API

Display geographical data and traffic information on highly accurate, interactive and customizable maps

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Mapmatching API

Monitor your vehicles and track their movements

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Routing API

Plan optimal and cost-effective routes for any vehicle, and provide users with reliable arrival times

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Fleet Tracking
Retrieve live location data

Asset trackers transfer the live GPS location of your fleet to a central system at regular intervals.

Visualize location

Display GPS locations on a digital map.

Visualize journeys

Display the vehicles’ whole track history.

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