Distribution Planning Create an optimized distribution plan with PTV Developer and boost the efficiency of your fleet. One vehicle delivering five orders seems simple enough, but did you know that there are 120 possible route combinations?

Add in time windows, restrictions, legal requirements, vehicle attributes and traffic conditions to and it becomes nearly impossible for a dispatcher to create an efficient distribution plan.

Our APIs can figure it all out in seconds to come up with the best possible plan, helping reduce transport costs and enhance transparency along the supply chain.
Components used in Distribution Planning
Geocoding & Places API

Find locations by converting street addresses into GPS-coordinates and reverse geocoding

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Raster Maps API

Display geographical data and traffic information on highly accurate, interactive and customizable maps.

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Routing API

Plan optimal and cost-effective routes for any vehicle, and provide users with reliable arrival times

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Route Optimization API

Schedule your fleet while accounting for vehicle capacity, hours of service, traffic conditions and road restrictions

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Optimized routes for a whole fleet
Solve routing problems

No matter how complicated – round trips, mixed fleets, multiple depot locations, pickups and deliveries – our APIs solve your vehicle routing problem.

Consider restrictions

Account for all time restrictions, opening hours, traffic conditions, vehicle types and truck attributes.

Legal compliance

Include HOS regulations, such as mandatory breaks and drive time limits when planning routes.

Transparency along the logistics chain
ETA calculation

Keep your partners and customers informed about the delivery status and communicate precise delivery windows.

Improved punctuality

Increase the reliability of your services by creating feasible and realistic routes.

Reliable Trip Execution
Live dispatching

Manually override routes in case of accidents, last-minute orders and cancellations.

Keeping track

Monitor your fleet with GPS tracking and a permanent calculation of the ETA.

Avoid traffic

Prevent delays caused by jams or construction sites by using historical as well as real-time traffic data.

Optimal use of resources
Quicker planning

Leave the repetitive planning tasks to the software and reduce the workload of your planners.

Optimal vehicle loading

Make maximum use of the loading space and determine how the vehicles are to be loaded to save time during deliveries.

Reduce transport costs

Optimize your routes by mileage and minimize empty runs by combining pick-ups and deliveries.

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