Store Locator Map and search stores, points of interest, places, customers, or anything else nearby with PTV Developer PTV Developer enables you to create maps and searches that allow your users to explore the world around them.

Where are the closest stores or points of sale that sell your product? Where is the closest warehouse that carries a spare part? Where are your customers located?

You and your users will have answers to these questions with PTV Developer Store Locator. It maps locations on a customized map, enables users to search for places they need based on their own criteria, then finds the best route to get there.
Components used in Store Locator
Geocoding & Places API

Find geolocations, convert street addresses into GPS coordinates, and reverse geocode locations

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Raster Maps API

Data visualization on accurate, interactive, and customizable raster maps

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Location search and visualization
Display Location Data

Display any type of location data on your maps.

Location Filter

Sort locations by criteria you define

Visualize Location Data

View information the way you need, including heatmaps, spider graphs, and more!

Location mapping

Create a store locator with a custom style that matches your brand.

Professional Design

Use high-resolution map tiles at different zoom levels and view options.

Additional Content & Traffic Information

Display additional content like low-emission zones as well as live traffic information.

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