Truck Route Planner Plan and optimize your truck routes, while accounting for all truck-specific restrictions with PTV Developer Minimize distance, reduce freight costs, and utilize vehicles and drivers efficiently. Truck routing is the key to efficient logistics processes and profitability.

With standardized APIs, PTV Developer software components can be easily and flexibly integrated into your existing transport management systems. Let PTV Developer support you in solving even the most complex logistical problems quickly and accurately.
Components used in Truck Route Planner
Geocoding & Places API

Find geolocations, convert street addresses into GPS coordinates, and reverse geocode locations

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Raster Maps API

Display geographical data and traffic information on accurate, interactive and customizable maps

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Routing API

Plan optimal and cost-effective routes for any vehicle, and provide users with reliable arrival times

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Truck-specific route planning
Route Calculation

Plan and optimize truck-specific routes that account for all truck attributes and road and driver restrictions.

Truck Attributes & Restrictions

Avoid all routes that include restrictions specific to your vehicles including size, weight, and emission zones.

Reduced Transport Costs
Toll Cost Calculation

Calculate toll costs based on vehicle attributes and determine when toll-free routes are a viable alternative.

Vehicle and Personnel Costs

Track all expenses on every trip to help reduce overall transport costs.

Increased Transparency
Asset Tracking

Retrieve location data of your devices, assets, and vehicles in real-time with PTV Developer.

ETA calculation

Calculate a reliable estimated time of arrival and communicate precise delivery windows to your customers.

Traffic Information

Access historical as well as live traffic information, and factor congestion and delays into your planning.

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