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Toll Roads

The Toll Roads overlay visualizes segments on which toll costs are charged in general. By default toll for all types of vehicles is shown, but the overlay style can be adapted to any specific vehicle type. The data is not time-dependent and does not contain any exact toll costs.


API endpoint

You need the following API endpoint to request toll:


For a single tile showing Karlsruhe, Germany specify the map tile path with zoomLevel, x and y as shown below. 

You can test this by entering the URL into your web browser. Be sure to replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual API key.

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The call result is a single map tile in MapBox Vector Tiles format.

Toll Roads

Tile content

The requested vector tile contains data which is listed in this table. The individual columns are explained below.

Name of contentType
geometrySRID 3857 
feature_typeinteger array

Feature Type

The feature types describe the different types of toll when traversing a road segment.

Feature TypeDescription
1Toll Road
5Mountain pass
6Scenic Route
7Vignette Road
8Toll Zone


Display Category

Defines the importance of a road segment that contains toll. Road segments with a high priority are displayed earlier than road segments with a lower priority.

Display CategoryDescription
1The most important road segments like motorways and two-lane federal highways
2Road segments of medium importance like single-lane federal highways or land roads
3All other road segments


Transportation Types

The transportation types describe what vehicles are billed on specific road segment, represented by boolean attributes: car, truck, bus, motorcycle, pedestrian, delivery, emergency_vehicle and through_traffic.



Toll roads are drawn as purple lines.

Toll Roads Default Styling


Layer names

Our predefined layer styles have a recurring naming scheme. All toll layer start with TSP_Toll_.

Layer name Description
TSP_Toll_Major_Outer/TSP_Toll_Major_InnerDraws the  toll segments on major priority roads
TSP_Toll_Medium_Outer/TSP_Toll_Medium_InnerDraws the  toll segments on medium priority roads
TSP_Toll_Minor_Outer/TSP_Toll_Minor_InnerDraws the  toll segments on minor priority roads

How to implement

The tutorial on how to integrate overlays into a Vector Map also addresses toll roads.